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Urine - The Water of Life

Dr Janice Priest. Naturopathic doctor. Author. Health Consultant. NC. CNHP, DSc, MasterHerbalist. Pges 9-11 Healthy Options mag, November 2006.

Urine - The Water of Life
It’s often hard to start urine therapy, but when you notice the changes in your wellbeing and a reduction in the chronic symptoms that have bothered you for years, then the therapy will easily become your preferred medicine. It is a cost effective treatment that could not only save lives but has the potential, if adopted, to be a preferred treatment which would reduce the enormously costly existing medical system.

One’s urine, contrary to common belief, is sterile and non-toxic. Urine is produced by the body’s filtering system, which eliminates fluid through the kidney and bladder. This fluid ends up as a healing golden liquid that, when needed becomes nature’s antidote for ill health.


Urine therapy, also known as Uropathy, or in medical terms ‘plasma ultrafiltrate’, is the use of urine in therapeutic doses for healing. The main article features the benefits and uses of urine as a therapy.

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