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Healthy Options Ltd, has been publishing natural health information, stories and research since 1985.

The role of Healthy Options magazine is to publish time honoured traditional healthcare news and feature prevention services, holistic research, essential well-being motivation and industry updates to keep the public informed of their choices in health information.

As a result of years of publishing information, this website gives you access to every natural health article ever published in Healthy Options magazine, as a resource and to encourage wellness, no matter what your health condition is.

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The company byline is "If you know your options you have a choice".

The natural health publishing company was established by a qualified practitioner, Janice-Ann Priest, who received an Honorary doctorate for her work for humanity.

Over the years Healthy Options Ltd. has partaken in one of the fastest growing fields, that is the natural healthcare industry and services, developed from a herbal education base into New Zealand's largest, most successful natural health magazine.

Any statement of fact or purported statements of fact contained in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views or opinion of the Owner, Publisher, Editors or Employees and any liability in respect thereto is limited accordingly. We vet all magazine content, however publication of an article or advertisement does not constitute endorsement by the Owner, Publisher, Editors or Employees.


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