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Do You Know Your Blood Type?

By Ann Quasarano. Pges 26-27 Healthy Options mag Nov 06.

Do You Know Your Blood Type?
“Most people who are already healthy should notice an increase in energy, better digestion and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Those with health issues can expect to see a gradual improvement in their condition as they follow the blood type diet” says Dr D’Adamo.

Tens of thousands of testimonials medically certified results and new genetic research have demonstrated that the blood type diet is a powerful mainstream tool for healthy living. Most of us don’t give any thought to our blood type. If we think of it at all, it’s as a relatively unimportant detail, something that only our doctors need to know if there is a dire emergency and we are suddenly in need of a blood transfusion. Unless we are blood donors, many of us probably don’t even know our blood type.


The main article explains all the ins and outs of blood types and the related diets.

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